Recover Data from Bad Hard Disk

  • Rescue Files from Damaged HDD

    Data which are stored over HDD can be read as well as overwritten in random manner. Sometime, due to damage of sectors, data stored on HD cannot be accessed and thus data are lost. However, with the help of data recovery software damaged hard drive can be revived very easily in few simple steps. This software is specially designed to recover data from bad or inaccessible sectors of storage device.

    Hard drive is a storage house of computer system. Corruption in hard drive is a big problem for computer users, which usually occurs in life time period of any system. There are various reasons which make hard drive corrupt. Some most common and frequently occurring cause are like virus and malware attack, presence of bad sectors on drive, improper handling of disk, power surge, logical failure, head failure, media failure, MBR corruption, frequent reboots, and partition table corruption.

    Virus attacks can make corrupt the boot sector of hard drive, and since, we know that if boot sector is corrupted then hard drive does not starts, thus you will lose access of data stored respective storage disk. In such situation it is best solution to make use of hard drive recovery program which is capable enough to recover those data.

    Another reason which leads to corruption of hard drive is partition table corruption; partition table is a space where the detailed record of partitions of hard drive is kept. Any corruption in partition table creates big disaster for computers user as whole partition info is lost in this crises. Non-human reboots is another reason where chances of hard drive data corruption is very high. Usually on such development MBR corruption happens, thereby making entire hard drive data unavailable for use. If it happens on your Western Digital hard disk, use this link to recover lost drive data easily:

    Apart from this file system corruption is another possible reason of data loss. Bad sector (a sector on or storage device, which cannot be used due to permanent data loss) also result in HD corruption. Abrupt system shutdown make corruption to the hard drive, consequently user will not be able to make use of data stored on hard drive without using recovery software to recover data from bad hard drive. Formatting of hard drive to allocate a new file system on it, error while performing this task makes damage to hard drive and data loss is possible.

    It does not matter how your HDD has been corrupted, data from corrupted hard drive is quite possible. The moment you realize that your hard drive is not functioning correctly, stop making use of this and use recovery software to rescue data from corrupted disk. My Partition Recovery is such an available tool, which is very efficient to address situations, where data has been inaccessible due to corruption of storage device. If you lose data due to corruption of active partition, you can use this software. This link will help you to perform it in Mac computer: Its attractive features make it user’s first choice to get rid of such occasions as mentioned above and have earned a higher degree of popularity in data recovery field. This hard drive recovery tool supports various types of file system like NTFS, FAT, NATFS5, FAT16, and FAT32, which are used over various types of storage devices like SATA, SCSI, and IDE. Recovery of compressed files from NTFS formatted HD is also possible. Recovery of accidentally deleted partition on external hard drive with this tool can also be achieved by spending minimum of user’s auspicious time.

    Note: IF you formatted the HFS+ drive on Mac computer and want to recover all data, follow this link:

    Simple steps to recover Data from bad hard disk

    Step 1: After performing, download and installation of partition recovery tool on the system, launch the tool. Select Recover "Partitions / Drives" option. On the next screen you have to click on "Partition Recovery" as illustrated in Fig A.

    Recover Data from Bad Hard Disk - Select Partition Recovery

    Fig A: Select Partition Recovery

    Step 2: In the next screen you will get the list of all logical drives in the hard disk. Select the appropriate disk partition, which you want to restore and click on "Next". After that, it will scan that partition to restore all required data.

    Recover Data from Bad Hard Disk - Select Appropriate Partition

    Fig B: Select Appropriate Partition

    Step 3: Next to completion of the scanning proccess it will display the list of restored files as shown in Fig C. You can click on "Preview" button to preview those recovered files.

    Recover Data from Bad Hard Disk - Recovered Files

    Fig C: Recovered Files

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