Data Recovery after Repartitioning Hard Drive

  • How to Recover Data after Repartitioning the Hard Drive?

    Hard drives are usually repartitioned to re-size the hard drive partition, i.e. for shrinking or extending the size of existing partitions and to make new partitions or to delete old partitions from hard drive. For an incident, re-partitioning of hard disk is carried out before installing the alternative operating system for better data management. Anyway this process may cause miserable data loss if you face any interference or because of wrong re-partitioning of hard drive. Numerous errors like ‘Exception Handling Message’, ‘Insufficient Memory’ and so forth might be seen on screen after fizzled or inadequate partitioning of hard drive. These errors make your hard drive data inaccessible and sometimes partition may also vanish from the hard drive after repartitioning hard disk.

    What next…? Since you have lost important information after hard drive re-partitioning, you need to find best possible way to perform data recovery after repartitioning hard drive. However, you can perform data recovery after repartitioning hard drive with the assistance of expert My Partition recovery software. You can even use this partition recovery tool for recovering data from damaged laptop hard disk drive. For more details, refer this link:

    Anyways, before you perform data recovery after repartitioning hard drive you should be aware of reasons that are responsible for loss of data after repartitioning hard drive. It will help you to evade event of such mistakes in future.

    Some common data loss scenarios while re-partitioning hard are mentioned below:

    • Erasing/formatting partitions: You might incidentally select and erase partition during resizing hard drive or you may format the hard drive by mistake while repartitioning the drive.
    • Utilizing third party applications: Utilizing third party tools like Partition Magic, Partition manager, etc. for repartitioning hard disk or less knowledge of utilizing these re-partitioning tools will make you lose your vital data from hard disk.
    • Intrusions while repartitioning hard disk: Abrupt interruption like power failure, system shutdown, etc. during repartitioning hard drive will result in data loss from hard drive.

    You might lose the whole information saved on the hard drive, in the event that you have not taken backup of partition data that is erased, formatted or corrupted during repartitioning of hard drive. In few cases, the error encountered during repartitioning of hard drive may result in corruption of MBR or partition table, which makes whole hard drive information difficult to access. After such situations, computer often declines to boot or may show error messages which does not permit you to access documents from partitions. In case, if you want to get rid of this hard drive issues and recover data from it, then you must perform data recovery after repartitioning the hard drive. In order to perform data recovery after repartitioning the hard drive you need to make use of efficient partition recovery application, as I said above.

    My Partition Recovery is an excellent partition recovery application that can easily perform data recovery after repartitioning the hard drive. This software can even recover partition on external hard drive. This product scans your whole hard drive to recognize all partitions on hard drive and to restore data from these partitions with simple steps. With the assistance of this partition recovery application, you can recover several types of files such as MS office archives, email documents, pictures, sound records, videos, archive files, database records, and many more. This application can even recover files lost after resizing partition due to lack of storage space. Moreover, you can even use this partition recovery application to recover formatted Mac hard drive. To know more, click here:

  • Steps to recover data after repartitioning the hard drive:

    Step 1: At first, download and install demo version of this software in your computer. After launching the application, select "Recover Drives" option from main window.

    Data Recovery after Repartitioning Hard Drive - Main Window

    Fig 1: Main Window

    Step 2: Now, you can see all the partitions present in your hard disk in the screen. Select repartition hard drive and click on "Next".

    Data Recovery after Repartitioning Hard Drive - Select Deleted Partition

    Fig 2: Select Deleted Partition

    Step 3: After completion of recovery process, you will see all restored data from repartitioned hard drive in "File Type View" or "Data View". Here, you can preview those files before save.

    Data Recovery after Repartitioning Hard Drive - Recovered Files

    Fig 3: Recovered Files

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