How to Defrag Hard Drive on Windows 8?

  • Best Windows 8 Disk Defragmenter

    It is very annoying to work on a slow computer. Many of users install Windows 8 operating system on computer to experience its advanced features with easy user interface. But, within some days you may suffer from underperformance of your system with different strange behavior of system. Most of computers become slow and sluggish because of fragmentation of disk. If hard drive of your Windows 8 computer is severely fragmented, workload on computer automatically increases and it requires more to boot or access any files on disk. You can get rid of this problem easily after defragmentation of hard disk. If you want to defrag hard drive on Windows 8 easily, use Remo MORE application immediately. You can use this powerful disk defragmenter on your Windows 8 computer for better outcome.

    Remo MORE application is very effective to fix different problems on Windows 8 computer through defragmentation of disk. Hard disk space of computer is mainly fragmented due to storing and deletion of files on disk. When you store data on a formatted drive, files are stored in contiguous location. After deletion of unwanted data, some spaces get free in discontinuous manner. Then, if store large size file on disk it is stored in fragment over the whole drive. As a result, you system will lose its speed and take more time to access data. But, you can improve performance of your system after drive defrag by using Remo MORE tool. This application will be effective to defrag hard drive on Windows 8 and all other major versions of Windows.

    Fragmentation of disk will be very effective in plenty of problems on Windows 8 computer. Usually we unable to perceive sluggish performance of system until it become slow severely. Sometimes, an application that was opened easily takes more time to launch and computer get very slow when we open few programs at a time. Your Windows 8 operating system may take more time to start. Fragmentation of disk may be the only reason behind all these problems. You can defrag hard drive on Windows 8 computer using this Remo MORE software and improve your system performance easily. Apart from that, defragmentation of disk will also be useful to increase lifetime of disk on your Windows 8 computer.

    Remo MORE application provides complete analysis of hard drive before defrag and allow you to select defragmentation level between ‘Quick Defrag’ and ‘Deep Defrag’. Using this application, you can defrag system drive as well as any external hard disk. Even, you can remove unwanted data, junk files, wipe drive, manage different private information and so on. If you perform the defragmentation process regularly, it increases the chance of recovery of deleted or lost data. Most importantly, this application is compatible with both Windows and Mac computer to defrag hard disk drive and it is designed with simple user interface so that any novice user can perform this operation effortlessly.
  • Steps to Defrag Hard Drive on Windows 8:

    Step 1: Install this application your Windows 8 computer and launch it. On the main screen, Click on "Drive Defrag" option under Manage tab.

    How to Defrag Hard Drive on Windows 8 - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: Here, you need to select required option depending on the fragmentation of disk as shown in fig 2.

    How to Defrag Hard Drive on Windows 8 - Select Required Option

    Fig 2: Select Required Option

    Step 3: After completion of defragmentation, you will get a message as shown in the figure below.

    How to Defrag Hard Drive on Windows 8 - Defragmentation Completed

    Fig 3: Defragmentation Completed

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