Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer

  • Best Tool to Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer

    As a regular computer user, you will have seen your computer suffering from slow performance in years of use. Your newly purchased computer will offer impressive speed for first few months and then it loses its performance. Accumulation of huge amount of redundant data on computer hard disk is one of the main reasons of slow computer. In years of use, you can rename files in different context of use and take back up of important data several times, which results to creation of so many duplicate data. Due to accumulation of enormous amount of duplicate data on My Computer, it wastes precious memory space on disk as well as minimize the system performance. If you cannot find all the duplicate data and do not know how to delete duplicate files from My Computer, no need to worry. Here is an efficient application named Remo MORE that will help you to remove all the extra copies in few clicks.

    Different types of duplicate file including images, music, videos occupy the disk memory space unnecessarily and provide a bad effect on system performance. Duplicate files are mainly created due to save of file again & again in different location with same or different name. Usually, we create extra copy of file on computer unknowingly to carry out some of our task. You may also download the same file repeatedly without searching it on your computer. In all these cases, your computer hard disk is cluttered with huge amount of duplicate file after long time of use. You can find those duplicate data easily and delete them using this Remo MORE utility effortlessly.

    Most of the people try to find those duplicate files from computer manually. But, among thousands of data on hard disk, searching of duplicate information is a tough challenge for anyone. Even, if you save a file with different name in different location, it will be nearly impossible to find out the duplicate files manually. In such cases, this application will be most efficient because it can be used as “Drive Duplicacy Finder” or “Folder Duplicacy Finder” as per your requirement. Even, you can employ this tool to find and delete duplicate files from My Computer depending on their name and content.

    Remo MORE software is an automated application to delete duplicate files from My Computer or any other storage media as well. You can perform this operation on a selected folder or a complete drive using this only application. You will get also a chance to select the duplicate files from a list before deletion. This application is designed with simple user interface so that any novice user also can utilize this tool easily. Moreover, you can use this file to delete duplicate images, videos, documents or any other types of file to free up disk space and also improve the system performance indirectly.

  • Steps to Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer:

    Step 1: Download & install this application on your system and launch it form desktop icon. Select "Remove Duplicates" option from main screen on "Optimize" tab.

    How to Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: In this window, select appropriate option where you want to search and delete duplicate data.

    How to Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer - Find Duplicates

    Fig 2: Find Duplicates

    Step 3: After completion of the scanning process, the application will sow the list of duplicate files in a list as shown below. Here, you can select and dele them easily.

    How to Delete Duplicate Files from My Computer - Duplicate Files

    Fig 3: Duplicate Files

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