How to Check Hard Drive Performance

  • Optimize Your Hard Drive Performance with Best Tool

    Hard disk performance of computer decides overall performance of system. It is the only place on computer to save and manage different kind of information. The storage capacity of hard disk is increasing day by day and we prefer it to store huge amount of data with significant speed. Over time, performance of hard disk decreases continuously in terms of reduction in system performance. If your system become very slow and takes more time in booting or to open any application, you need to perform some operation on hard disk. In this process, Remo MORE software will help you to check hard drive performance and increase it if requires. There are some simple tricks that may be very effective to maintain acceptable system performance.

    Using this software, you can follow different tricks when computer hard disk loses its speed in different scenarios.

    Maintain Sufficient Free Space on Disk: To obtain satisfactory performance of hard disk, you have to maintain minimum required free space. If 90% of total disk space is occupied, its speed will decrease significantly. In this case, you can delete useless files from computer and also delete different duplicate data using this tool. This tool is very efficient to remove temporary files, broken shortcuts, junk files and duplicate data. It finds duplicate file depending on name as well as content of file.

    Defrag Hard Disk: performance of a hard disk can also be decreased after fragmentation. When we store large sized file, it may store in fragment and after deletion all fragments are not released completely. As we store & delete information on hard drive very frequently, after some days hard disk may fragmented seriously. Then defragmentation of disk will be very effective using this tool and you can improve hard drive performance easily.

    Clean Up Unnecessary Data & Optimize Recycle Bin: Hard disk speed may also be reduced due to accumulation of huge amount of useless data on computer. You should keep the Recycle Bin folder clean to avail proper speed of computer. You can also improve hard disk speed by converting its file system to NTFS. NTFS file system is better that FAT 32 and it will provides some extra features to manage stored information on disk.

    This application is a one-click maintenance tool that can check hard drive performance thoroughly and fix all the issues very quickly. It is completely automated utility that continuously check hard drive issues in the background. Apart from that, if you want to operate the tool manually, you can perform the entire operation in simple steps. You can improve hard drive performance on all major versions of Windows and Mac operating system with ease. If you cannot identify the appropriate reason behind speed reduction, you can go through one click maintenance option that can analyze all issue on computer and then fix then carefully to improve its performance.

  • Steps to Check Hard Drive Performance:

    Step 1: Install this software on your computer and launch it form the desktop icon. On the main screen, Click on "One Click Maintenance" option for automatic fixing.

    How to Check Hard Drive Performance - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: In this screen, you can see the progress in scanning operation.

    How to Check Hard Drive Performance - Scanning in Progress

    Fig 2: Scanning in Progress

    Step 3: After completion of scanning, this software starts to fix those problems to increase hard drive performance.

    How to Check Hard Drive Performance - Fixing Issues

    Fig 3: Fixing Issues

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