Password Protect Files on Hard Drive

  • Best way to password protect files on hard drive!

    Whether you are a student, a professional or a home user, if you have computer or laptop, it might have a number of files that are confidential and you never wish them to go on other hands. If you are working in an organization, you may have work related important files but sometimes you may have personal things also in your office computer. Similarly, you might have collected many personal files or favorite data on your home computer or laptop. It could be your family pics, your poetries, some embarrassing photos, videos etc. Whatever it is, but people like to maintain personal things personal and now a day’s hacking computers is not so difficult. Therefore, if want to keep your files unrevealed, you should keep them secure via password protection. If you know how to password protect files on hard drive, you can maintain your privacy forever.

    In the advancement in technology, nothing is impossible so how can you assume your personal files safe. You can find so many cases, where users or organizations lose their privacy and sensitive data after their computers get hacked.  So, security of personal files should be a concern for you. There are many solutions are available to you for making hard drive files inaccessible to any unwanted user. Among various solutions, password protection is the best one. By applying password protection to the hard drive data, you can achieve confidential security against any kind of illegal activity on your data. By putting password, you only get authority to perform read \ write operations on hard drive files.

    It never fine to find out people knowing and talking about your secrets. Actually, when you do not password protect files on hard disk, one can reach to them easily with a purpose or accidentally. You are working on a secret project or have some crucial documents on computer hard drive, it becomes your responsibility to keep them secure. You never when somebody can ruin hard work by deleting files or copying information intact on confidential files. That’s why user should apply strong password protection to the hard drive data. Never select some easy security code or password to lock any file especially your password should not belong to your daily life things or personal information like date of birth, name etc.

    Get advanced application to password protect files on hard drive!

    Since it’s all about security of your confidential data, you can take advantage of an advanced application like Remo MORE to lock files on hard drive. It has smart and highly secured technology to ensure the best password protection. Software allows you to put password on kinds of files such as videos, pictures, songs, excel sheets, presentations, Word files and documents. You can utilize this app to password protect files on hard drive, USB drive, external HDD, SD cards etc. It works effectively on all latest computers running on different Windows and Mac OS X platform. You can download it’s free version from internet and enjoy the best protection ever.

  • Steps to password protect files:

    Step 1: Install this application your computer and launch it. On the main screen, Click on "Manage" option then select File manager option to password protect files on hard drive.

    How to Password Protect Files on Hard Drive - Main Screen

    Fig 1: Main Screen

    Step 2: Here, select File/Folder locker option as shown in figure 2.

    How to Password Protect Files on Hard Drive - Select File/Folder Locker

    Fig 2: Select File/Folder Locker

    Step 3: Now, click on file manager option then add files to make them password protected.

    How to Password Protect Files on Hard Drive - Add Files & Set Password

    Fig 3: Add Files & Set Password

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