Mac OS X Lion Lost Partition Recovery

Simple approach to recover lost partition in Mac OS X Lion

Because of it’s amazing performance, powerful and user friendly features, Mac OS X Lion is very popular among computer users. When it is becomes fun to stay with computer for hours, a large collection of entertainment files, documents and other data gets accumulated on hard drive. Using partitioning scheme, you can efficiently arrange files in a categorized manner. For example, you can have a separate hard disk partition for your favorite movies and similarly for photos, songs and precious documents. Usually hard drive volumes are formatted HFS+ or HFSX file system to offer fastest data accessibility and better performance. But, sometimes hard disk partition or volume will get lost with all crucial data. There are a number of factors which takes part in presenting such unwanted tragedy for you. However, this is not a big problem as you think. Most of the Mac users have performed Mac OS X Lion lost partition recovery successfully with ease. My Partition Recovery is a smart solution to retrieve lost partition.

Scenarios after which you need to perform Mac OS x Lion lost partition recovery are:

  • Improper Formatting: Sometimes, hard disk partition may be lost because of improper format operation or erroneous re-partitioning of existing hard disk volumes. Formatting the hard disk without saving appropriate data backup is really a big mistake and one can lose all valuable files. However, users can try out third party app to retrieve lost files after partitioning error by performing Mac OS x Lion lost partition recovery.
  • File System Corruption:  Hard drive partitions get missing or lost when the file system is corrupted or damaged. Similarly, improper file system conversion, formation of bad sectors, improper hard drive management operations or Disk Utility failure could also result in corrupted partition or sometimes, partition will get lost. You can refer this link to get assistance in corrupted partition recovery.
  • Disk Error: User may find inaccessible partition with some errors like, “Not an HFS volume” or “Cannot access the drive because a disk error occurred”. It may happen after corruption to the catalog file or to the APM. Such error messages are sign of partition loss calamity and then user can use third party app for Mac OS X Lion lost partition recovery. However, you can utilize this award winning software to undelete exFAT partition deleted after disk error, accidental deletion, etc. To know more updated information, simply click here

My Partition Recovery Software is a reliable tool for Mac users to restore missing, deleted, inaccessible, damaged or formatted hard drive partitions on Mac OS X.  It is designed with powerful drive scanning algorithm to retrieve lost or deleted files from HFSX and HFS+ hard drive volumes. A reliable application to perform easy and fast Mac OS X Lion lost partition recovery. Also it offers quick recovery of partitions on Mac OS X leopard, Snow leopard, Maverics etc. It is designed with user friendly interface to offer easy and effective Mac OS X Lion lost partition recovery operation. Click on to restore partition data after DiskPart clean operation.

Simple steps to recover lost partiion in Mac OS X Lion

Step 1: Install My Partition Recovery tool software and select "Recover Volume/Drives" on main window as shown in the fig A.

Mac OS X Lion Lost Partition Recovery - Select Recover Volume/Drives

Fig A: Select Recover Volume/Drives

Step 2: On next window, select the partition, which you want to recover and click on "Next" to start scanning.

Mac OS X Lion Lost Partition Recovery - Select Volume

Fig B: Select Volume

Step 3: After completion of the scanning, it will display the list of restored data as shown in Fig C. Click on "Preview" button to preview recovered data.

Mac OS X Lion Lost Partition Recovery - Recovered Data

Fig C: Recovered Data

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