MacBook Partition Recovery

Mac is a one of the operating systems widely used and popular among the users. Hard drive of Mac is divided into parts and is called volumes. Partitioning of hard drive on mac is done with the aim, to have multiple storage volumes, which helps in easily organizing files and keeps problem isolated from other parts of drive. During the partitioning of hard drive of Mac there are high chances of data loss. However, if you have lost data from mac partition and regretting on yourself. Then stop cursing, make use of recovery software, which is capable to restore partition lost from Mac. My Partition Recovery is one such tool which is designed especially for Mac partition recovery software.

There are a lot of instances, which cause Mac volume data loss. Some of them are like partitioning error, accidental formatting of Mac volume, abrupt system shut down and file system corruption of mac volume. These are the most frequently encountered cause which generally a user faces in day to day life. But, there are many utility available to address such type of unpleasant situations.

Partitioning error is a most commonly encountered problem faced by MacBook users, result in volume data loss. Let’s take an example which illustrates this data loss scenario lively. Suppose user wants to divide HDD into multiple logical parts called volume, so that files or folders can be organized in an efficient manner over the hard drive. Partitioning is also done with the aim of installing more than one version of Mac OS on same computer. While partitioning, if any error is encountered, there is very much possibility of data loss from Mac volume. This data loss could be dreadful/horrible nightmare for user, if some very important files or folders related to user’s office work or project data which was very crucial is lost. In such state of mind, user should opt for a partition recovery tool, which is capable enough to perform MacBook partition recovery in an effective way.

Another reason which results in data loss from Mac HD is accidental formatting of volume. Such a frightening situation develops when user instead of performing format operation over another partition end up, formatting volume which consists of crucial data. When such an action happens over volume people leave the situation as it is and take it as granted that it was in their fate to lose such files or folders. Instead of remorse or regret make use of this volume rescue application. For more information to restore files on damaged hard drive partition, click here

A feature of this tool gives a convenience so that recovered data can be sorted on the basis of file attributes like, size, type, date of creation and last date of modification. Apart from partition recovery this tool is also capable to recover data from USB hard drive proficiently and provides a mechanism to preview recovered files. With the help of this recovery tool Mac volumes from iMac, Mac Book, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro having 32 bit or 64 bit Mac OS X , having file systems of HSF+,FAT and HFSX.

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Simple Steps to Recover MacBook Partition

Step 1: Download and install My Partition Recovery tool. Launch the utility and select "Recover Volume/Drives" on Home Window as shown in the fig A.

MacBook Partition Recovery - Select Recover Volume/Drives Option

Fig A: Select Recover Volume/Drives Option

Step 2:In the next screen select the appropriate volume, which you want to restore and click on "Next". After that, it will scan that volume to restore data.

MacBook Partition Recovery - Select Appropriate Volume

Fig B: Select Appropriate Volume

Step 3: Next on completion of the scanning proccess, it will display the list of restored files as shown in Fig C. You can click on "Preview" button to preview those recovered files.

MacBook Partition Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Fig C: Preview Recovered Files

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