Recover Missing Partition

  • How to Recover Missing Hard Drive Partition??

    Partitioning hard drive is the technique to utilize computer’s memory and resources so that each partition can work independently with its own operating system and applications. These partitions on hard drive are formatted with file systems to manage user as well as system data. Partitions on Windows hard disk are formatted with FAT, NTFS or ExFAT file systems, whereas on Mac they are formatted with HFS+ and HFS file systems. As with ease of using partitions for storing data, partitions often go missing, get deleted, overwritten or simply corrupted under number of events. Losing partitions and its valuable data is disastrous experience faced by lots of computer users across the World..

    The problem is over blown when you need to recover data from missing or lost partition. Not only the data is marked as deleted, the entire hard drive sector where the data located in before is no longer existed in partition table and is likely to be overwritten by new data. But deleted or lost data from computer hard drive is not fully wiped out until it is overwritten with new data. So you need to act immediately before it gets too late to recover data from missing partition. In such a situation, you will be asking yourself how I can recover my partition from hard drive. Don’t get tensed!!! You just need a professional and quality data recovery program like partition recovery, to get back data from missing partitions on your own. Partition recovery is the accurate program for easy, safe and quick recovery of deleted partition or missing partition data from hard drive on both Windows and Mac operating system.

    Anyways, it is necessary to take certain precautions when partition goes missing from hard drive to increase the chances of partition recovery and to prevent overwriting of lost partition data on hard drive. They are:

    • Avoid formatting, reformatting or re-partitioning of the hard drive
    • Do not attempt to create new partition, recreate lost/missing and repair corrupt partitions
    • Prevent reading/writing anything onto the hard drive from where partitions are missing
    • You should not run any disk utilities or defrag utilities on the hard drive

    Then you download and install the demo version of partition recovery software on healthy Windows computer. Carefully remove the affected hard drive from its computer, connect it to the PC where you have installed the software. Then run the software and follow its onscreen instructions to get back lost partition. In quick time, this utility scans and displays found partitions and recovers data without damaging data. You can view all recovered files and make use of these recovery results to analyze its performance. If you are satisfied with its performance, then you can purchase the licensed version of partition recovery software to save the recovered data from missing partitions to any desired location on your PC. Even, if you want to recover deleted partition from USB disk, this application will be helpfull. To know more about it, visit this link:

    Usually partitions go missing from hard drive due to any one of these scenarios:

    • Virus infections: Boot sector, partition table and other system related files are very important to access data from partitions. In case if they are deleted, overwritten with some other application or corrupted due to dangerous viruses, while creating dual boot record, re-partitioning HDD, etc. Then partitions get disappear in other words; you think that you have lost partition and its data. But in reality the data remains there and they are just inaccessible so that you cannot find them on My Computer. This kind of problem can happen upon Windows 7 hard drive partition. Learn simple way to recover Windows 7 hard drive partition on this URL:
    • Repartitioning the hard drive: Hard drive is usually re-partitioned when there is need for instance to make space for installing dual OS, etc. Hard drive is re-partitioned either by re-allocating free space among partitions and using third party utility. If you face any errors/interruptions during this process due to power failures or hardware issues, you will end up losing logical partitions on hard drive and may get errors like “Not enough space” or “could not allocate or de-allocate memory”, etc. These error messages may not allow you to access the information from hard drive giving you headache problems.
    • Corruption of hard drive: Your partitions might get lost or data stored on partitions becomes inaccessible or orphaned due to the corruption of hard drive. The reasons accountable for corruption of hard drive are incorrectly formatting or reformatting partitions on hard drive; file system corruption, uncertain system shutdown at the time of data operation, OS malfunction, hardware issues, installation of defective software and other issues. However, you can simply tap here to get back deleted files from GPT partition with great ease.
    • When you face errors during file system conversion: Many times when there is a need, users reformat or change the file system of a specific partition from old to new, for example from i.e. FAT16 to FAT32 to NTFS. During reformatting/file system conversion, you may get error message saying “Insufficient Disk Space for Conversion” and the process is interrupted. You get this error mainly because of the bad sectors present at the end of partition. Partitions may become invisible from hard drive after this incident. Moreover, you can employ this award winning software to get back logical partition deleted due to repartitioning, reinstalling operating system, operating system crash, etc. To know more information, simply click here

    What are the benefits of using partition recovery software?

    It can identify and recover around 280 file types from hard drive using their unique file signatures and works compatibly on Windows 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and 2008 Server operating systems. Recovering Microsoft documents, PDF files, emails, Zip archives, photos, songs, videos, reports files, application files and other file types from missing partitions is extremely simple by using this partition recovery utility. This tool thoroughly scans the hard drive to restore lost or missing partitions from WD, Seagate, Iomega external hard disk with the help of inbuilt powerful scanning algorithms. So it will effortlessly recover data from FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5 and ExFAT formatted partitions from hard drive. Apart from missing partitions, it has ability to retrieve files from formatted partition as well as from corrupted partitions in hassle free manner.

    Using this tool, you will be able to restore data from RAW partition on hard drive after file system corruption and to recover inaccessible data in a reliable way. It is possible to get back missing/lost partition data from SATA/SCSI and IDE hard drive and external hard drives. Other than hard drives, you can recover partition data from external hard drives, FireWire Drives, USB drives, memory cards and iPods with ease. Moreover, you can run the Mac version of partition recovery tool execute volume recovery on Mac machines having any of the latest Mac OS X Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion operating systems. You will be able to restore deleted partition on Windows 8 with ease after a click on

    Note: Refer this page to explore easy solution to recover lost partition on Mac OS X Lion.

    Steps to recover missing partition data from hard drive on Windows PC are:

    Step 1: Download and install the trial version of partition recovery software on your Windows PC as explained earlier. Select "Recover Partitions / Drives" option from the main screen. Since you need to recover data from missing or lost partitiosn from hard drive, select "Partition Recovery" as shown in Figure1.

    Recover Missing Partition - Select partition recovery

    Figure 1: Select Partition Recovery

    Step 2: Select the physical drive from which the partition needs to be recovered and click "Next". Once scanning process is completed, list of missing, lost or deleted partitions will be displayed, select the appropriate partition and click "Next" as shown in Figure 2.

    Recover Missing Partition - List of found partitions

    Figure 2: Select Appropriate Partition

    Step 3: Here you can select select desired file types you want to recover by performing additional search to recover files, based on their unique signatures. You may skip this process to continue with scanning. Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered data can be viewed using "File Type View" or "Data View" option, as shown in Figure 3.

    Recover Missing Partition - Data View or File Type View

    Figure 3: Select Data View / File Type View

    Step 4: Select the "Preview" option to view recovered data before saving it as shown in Figure 4 and you can use "Save Recovery Session" option to save the scanned information to avoid rescanning of hard drive after purchasing full version of partition recovery software.

    Deleted Partition Recovery - Preview recovered data window

    Fig 4: Preview Recovered Data

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