Data Recovery after Disk not Formatted Error

Partition Recovery is powerful and robust software that facilitates user by recovering Windows partition and Macintosh partition within a few clicks. This application is capable in recovering partition on Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 7 and even can recover files from hard drive partition after format error. It also give a great response to recover files from corrupted partition with disk is not formatted error. It provide a great work performance to recover files from hard drive partition after format error of those hard disk which are having bad sectors problem by creating disk image. This is one of the powerful partition recovery software which is highly recommended by industrial professionals as it is most efficient and effective application which recovers file from formatted or reformatted partitions quite easily. This application also provides recovery to external hard drive and recovery of data from USB drives, pen drives, recovery of formatted partition on Windows 8, Vista, Windows 7, XP, and many more.

Before knowing how this software helps in recovering data from partition, let’s go through some reasons of severe data loss from system are as follows:

Improper File System Conversion: Some of the reasons which makes user to convert file system like from NTFS to FAT or vice versa are due to data security, Compatibility issues, in order to save disk space etc. Thus, while conversion process if user are not having sound knowledge about entire process they must end up the process by losing the data from their storage device.

File System Corruption: File system is a fundamental part of any hard disk partition. So, if somehow it gets damaged to any extent then each of files saved over it get unreachable. Some more reasons of corruption of file system is due to improper ejection of device, installing any faulty software, driver issues etc. As system encounters any corruption in file system it instantly gives an error message in order to recover files from corrupted partition with disk is not formatted error and other messages like “Format the drive now”, “Drive is not accessible”, etc.

Hard Drive Failure: Usually, Hard drive failure can happen due to various reasons like MBR (Master Boot Record) or GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) corruptions. When MBR or GUID gets corrupted due to any of the reasons such as bad sectors in hard disk, faulty software, abrupt closing of system etc. then each of the files and folders on drive get inaccessible.

Improper Shutdown: Improper shutdown or abrupt shutdown happens due to power surge, forcefully shutting down of system, and much more. This lead to losing your important files on which you were working instantly or even sometimes lead to file system corruption.

The best way to deal with any of the above mentioned data loss scenario is the use of Partition Recovery Software. However, to recover files after disk not formatted error you must perform few precautions in order to avoid data loss like taking backup of your data before formatting, avoid using the external hard disk just after formatting, avoid storing any new data on hard drives, do not create or delete partition after formatting of hard drives, etc. Moreover, this software can be used to recover files from corrupted partition with disk is not formatted error, It also helpful in recovery of deleted files or lost Mac partitions along with the hierarchy of stored files. Universal Mac data recovery software, which is quite enough capable to perform Mac partition recovery on different platforms. This software is also handy in use to recover data from Mac volumes that are accidently formatted or partitioned. With the help of this easy to use software you can also  recover files from RAW hard drive in few simple steps.

Simple Steps to Recover Corrupted Partition

Step 1: Download and install My Partition Recovery Software on the system, after installation launch the tool. Then, Select "Recover Drives" option. On the next screen you have to click on "Partition Recovery" as shown in Fig A.

Corrupt Partition Recovery - Select Partition Recovery Option

Fig A: Select Partition Recovery Option

Step 2: On the next screen select the desired disk partition, which you want to recover back and then click on "Next". After that, it will scan that specific partition to recover data.

Corrupt Partition Recovery - Select Appropriate Partition

Fig B: Select Appropriate Partition

Step 3: After the completion of scanning proccess, it will display the list of recovered data as shown in Fig C. You can click on "Preview" button to get the preview of those recovered files.

Corrupt Partition Recovery - Preview Recovered Files

Fig C: Preview Recovered Files

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