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    While handling files regularly on computer system, you may come across a situation where you find your important files are not available to you because of lost or inaccessible disk partitions. Chief reason behind partition inaccessibility can be corruption to partition table. If partition table is damaged or corrupted, it will make partition data inaccessible. However, you can fix these issues by employing the My Partition Recovery software. Using this tool you can restore partition table on Windows and Mac machines with different OS environments.

    With the help of above mentioned technique that is use of software for retrieval of partition table, you will easily come up to such data crisis even though it is better to have exact knowledge of factors, which may trouble you at any instance by making partition table inaccessible or corrupted. Most usual factor that takes part in making partition table corrupted, is nothing but power outages as it results in sudden computer turn off. Because of this, bad sectors can be arises on hard disk and it will directly influence the partition table by making it inaccessible after that you cannot access partition data. Similarly, executing erroneous file system conversion operation that is converting NTFS to FAT file system or FAT to HFSX file system can also leads to partition table corruption on Windows and Mac computers respectively. The best solution of such type of problem is to use recovery tool, which can easily solve such kind of issues.

    Because of virus corruption to hard drive partition where partition table exists, it turns in to making partition table corrupted and then it prevents OS program to boot up properly hence results in lost partitions. Furthermore, when hard disk boot sector is corrupted you need to format hard drive partition and in this way; it leads to loss of partition table. If you are accomplishing operations related to hard drive partition management like partition deletion, re-partitioning, re-formatting, resizing etc with a third party tool or with Disk Utility Manager, existence of an unexpected error can result in corrupting particular partition and also it leads to damaging partition table.

    Corruption to file system structure is also relevant factor causing in corrupted partition table after that hard disk drive becomes inaccessible. Similarly, corruption to volume header file, which contains essential metadata regarding accessibility of partitions, is also leads to partition table corruption. On Mac computers, any damage or corruption to catalog file information or to journal file content will also makes partition table corrupted. To be free from such accidents, you should keep a backup of entire crucial data so as to enable yourself to get back files after partition table corruption. Otherwise, you can make use of software to restore missing partitions after corruption to partition table. For more help on lost partition recovery, you can utilize this link

    My Partition Recovery software is enabled with extremely powerful drive scanning algorithms, which supports users to retrieve lost or deleted hard disk partition data after partition table corruption in a smart way. You can utilize this amazing utility on Windows computers as well as on Mac computers also for recovering NTFS, FAT and HFS partitions. For making partition recovery on Mac computer, you can go through the link

    Follow steps to recover partition table

    Step 1: Download and install the demo version of software on computer. Select "Recover Drives" option on main screen. Then select "Partition Recovery" as shown in Figure1.

    Recover Partition Table - Select Partition Recovery Option

    Figure 1: Select Partition Recovery Option

    Step 2: Select the drive from which partition needs to be retrieved and click on "Next". List of missing, lost or deleted partitions will be displayed on a window as shown in Figure 2.

    Recover Partition Table - Select Partition

    Figure 2: Select Partition

    Step 3: You can select desired file types you want to recover. You may skip this step to continue with scanning. Once the scanning process is over, the retrieved data can be viewed using "File Type View" or "Data View" option, as shown in Figure 3.

    Recover Partition Table - Data View / File Type View

    Figure 3: Data View / File Type View

    Step 4: Select the "Preview" option to view restored files before saving it as shown in Figure 4.

    Recover Partition Table - Preview Files

    Fig 4: Preview Files

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