Undelete FAT Partition

  • Rescue Deleted FAT Partition

    Have you deleted FAT partition from your computer hard drive or from a USB drive and now bothered about important data which have been also gone with deleted FAT partition? Just relax, it is not an exceptional problem encountered with you only. Like other users, you can also undelete FAT partitions if you come up with an efficient tool as it's the only way to avoid data loss after FAT partition deletion. However, chances of successful partition recovery depends on the capability of the tool you are going to use. So whenever you come across such crucial situation, you can employ My Partition Recovery tool. It is one of the leading application recommended by industry experts to rescue FAT partition after deletion.

    As we know, nobody wants to face such data crisis just because of his intentional act but due to lack of sufficient knowledge after some undesired accidents user get delete hard drive partitions. FAT file system is universal file system used in all type of flash drives, USB drives and in hard drive and also compatible with all popular operating systems. There are various factors, which may cause in deleting partitions on your system. Sometime, you need to convert FAT file system to NTFS file system as it is more effective than FAT in terms of performance and accessibility while you are using Windows operating system. In order to change the file system, user attempts to delete existing FAT partition hence they lose all important data store on that partition. After that, you will be able to recover that deleted partition from the hard disk using this effective partition recovery application.

    Virus infection to hard drive is also very serious problem that may lead to deletion of hard drive partitions. Actually, a malicious code can effect hard drive boot sector badly. Hard drive boot sector contains important machine codes needed for loading operating system program. Once it get corrupt, OS program cannot be loaded and you cannot proceed further. The only option remains with you is to re-format hard drive partitions and re-install OS program again. During installing an OS, you may end with deleting partitions. Similarly, you may delete a partition accidently while managing hard drive partitions with Windows Disk Utility or with any third party tool. Then, this software provides you an effective way to restore entire data from it. Improper partition resizing or any error during extending or shrinking partition size may leads to deletion of existing partition. Apart from this you can get more information about deletion of partitions after a click on http://www.mypartitionrecovery.com/deleted.html

    My Partition Recovery software comes with powerful scan engine to rescue deleted partitions on all latest Windows OS. It helps you to retrieve NTFS, FAT16, FAT 32, ExFAT partitions, which have been lost or deleted. Software also available for restoring partitions on Mac computers. It enables Mac users to restore Mac volumes such as HFS+ and HFSX on Mac OS X 10.5 and on its above versions. You can also prefer this tool if you are facing lost or missing partition related issues.

    Note: Click on www.mypartitionrecovery.com/damaged-laptop-hard-drive.html and get complete assistance to perform easy and effective data recovery from damaged laptop hard drive.

    This is how software works:

    Step 1: Download and install the free demo version of the Software. Select "Recover Drives" option from the main screen. Then select "Partition Recovery" to recover deleted FAT partition, as shown in Fig.1

    Undelete FAT Partition - Select Partition Recovery Option

    Fig 1: Select Partition Recovery

    Step 2: Select the physical drive and click "Next". List of deleted partitions will be displayed, select the appropriate partition and click "Next" as shown in Fig.2

    Undelete FAT Partition - Select Drive

    Fig 2: Select Drive

    Step 3: Once the scanning process gets over, the recovered data can be viewed using "File Type View" or "Data View" option, as shown in Fig.3

    Undelete FAT Partition - Select Data View or File Type View

    Fig 3: Select Data View / File Type View Option

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