How to Unformat NTFS Partition

    New Technology File System or most commonly known as NTFS is one of the most used file system over different Windows based system. This file system is compatible to function upon different brands of computer or laptop. Mainly file system such as NTFS are meant to manage the files that are stored over any of the hard drive partition. Since, partitions are capable to store files of wide range and size with ease, so if in any circumstance the file loss happens in its respect then many of the files are lost. If you are too facing same kind of problem and are looking for solution to question like how to unformat NTFS partition, then simply make use of this Partition Recovery software.

    There can be different reasons for severe data loss such as formatting from NTFS partitions, a few of them are detailed as follows:

    Accidental Format: Formatting is one of the best to lose each of the files from required drive. However, such command is applied without any intention then it results in severe data loss, because in case such data loss there is no way for manual recovery. As this kind of instance happen, a simple question evolves i.e. how to unformat NTFS partition.

    Virus Attack: NTFS File System of Windows system can get corrupted due to impact of some virus program. As we all know that viruses can do some of the most notorious things, so if they make some kind of amendments upon the file system, then it result in corruption of file system.

    Improper Ejection: Many a time when we are in hurry we remove external hard which has NTFS file system, without following proper procedure. After such inadequate event different error messages are reported to the users. Some of the error messages are: "Disk in Drive X (drive name) not formatted. do you want to format now", "Drive a(drive name) not accessible"

    Each of these error messages result in questions like how to unformat NTFS partitions. Well here is the best solution for such problem. Partition Recovery provides the best way to restore the files from drive that has been either formatted or corrupted due to some reason. In case if you are specifically looking for way to recover files after drive corruption, click on this link:

    Partition Recovery provides each of the files that are lost due to any of the above mentioned scenarios, in matter of few clicks, thereby, providing easy solution for question like how to unformat NTFS partition. Any of you can also make use of this software to recover missing partition. The best thing about this application is that it has one of the simplest graphic user interfaces which allow even a naïve to easily make use of it. Once scanning procedure is completed on the drive users can preview the files before actually storing them at any of the intended memory space area. This software can also be used on various Mac based system as well with utmost ease. For better detail, about it visit this link:

    Follow the steps to unformat the partition:

    Step 1: Download and install the free version of recovery software. Select "Recover Drives" option from the Main Screen. as shown in Fig A.

    How to Unformat NTFS Partition - Main Window

    Fig A: Main Screen

    Step 2: Then you have to select "Formatted / Reformatted Recovery" option in the next window , shown in Fig B.

    How to Unformat NTFS Partition - Select Formatted/Reformatted Recovery

    Fig B: Select Formatted / Reformatted Recovery

    Step 3: Now, select the partition you want to recover and click on "Next" in order to proceed further.

    How to Unformat NTFS Partition - List of found partitions

    Fig C: Select Appropriate Partition

    Step 4: Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered data can be viewed using "File Type View" or "Data View" option, as shown in Fig D.

    How to Unformat NTFS Partition - Data View or File Type View

    Fig D: Data View / File Type View

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