WD My Book Partition Recovery

  • Recover WD My Book External Hard Drive Partition

    External hard disk like Western Digital My Book is used to stock up vital data securely and easily. As WD my book provides a huge amount of storage space, we need to create different partition to manage this enormous amount of information. Regardless of being a reliable and safe storage device, occasionally important partition from My Book is deleted or lost. If you do not have proper backup and trying to restore your disappeared partition, here is finest way out. However, there are so many applications to restore external hard drive, you must select the efficient one for complete WD My Book partition recovery.

    My Partition Recovery application is most powerful and trustworthy tool to restore deleted or lost drive from an external hard disk. Usually, existing partition on your WD hard disk is deleted accidentally or gets formatted unknowingly. Besides this common reason, you may also come across partition loss due to some other critical reason. But, this proficient partition restoration utility is applicable in all circumstances. Before going to partition recovery, take a quick look on some partition loss scenarios:

    Improper Use of Disk Management Utility: This application is employed to create, delete and resize partition on hard disk. When you are using this tool, you can delete a wrong partition on your WD hard disk unknowingly. Then make use of this HDD recovery tool in order to restore your deleted partition.

    Hard Disk Crash: Your WD MY Book hard disk may crash due to frequent power failure when you are using it. It mainly results if MBR of the disk is corrupted due to any reason. As MBR is responsible for booting of the hard disk and if any types of corruption occurred, you cannot view your partitions any more. Irrespective of external hard drive or computer's internal hard disk, just follow this link http://www.mypartitionrecovery.com/partition-windows-10.html and know the easiest method of recovering files from lost partition on Windows 10 based computers.

    Partitioning Error: When you are creating a new partition or resizing any existing partition on your external WD disk, if any type of error occurs, you cannot access that partition. It results in loss of entire information from that partition. If you want to recover missing partition on Windows 8, follow this link: www.mypartitionrecovery.com/partition-in-windows-8-missing.html.

    Formatting or Reformatting: You can format any important partition instead of the drive you need to format. After that, you will lose all your vital data from that drive in a minute. Sometimes, you change file system of WD disk partition as per your requirement. But, if any interruption occurs during reformatting you will lose all files and folders. Then, use My Partition Recovery software to recover formatted partition with ease.

    Apart from these reasons, your Wd My Book partition may gets inaccessible due to malicious virus infection, bad sector on the disk etc. Irrespective of these listed scenarios, you will be able to restore entire partition using this effective drive recovery program easily. It can restore NTFS, FAT32. FAT 16 formatted partition from WD My Book on all major versions of Windows OS. Excluding WD, you can also restore partition from Seagate, Buffalo, Iomega and Hitachi external hard disk using this tool. Moreover, My Partition Recovery application will be appropriate for Mac users also. If you need to rescue volumes on Mac computer, use it confidently. Here you will get more information about volume recovery on Mac: http://www.mypartitionrecovery.com/on-mac.html

    Note: Now it is very easy to restore lost partition data with this tool. Just have a click on http://www.mypartitionrecovery.com/files-from-lost-partition-windows-7.html and perform easy recovery.

    Corruption to the hard disk partition is a quite common catastrophe after that you lose your valuable files. Now you can make it very easy to restore corrupt hard disk partition after a click on http://www.mypartitionrecovery.com/hard-disk.html

    Steps to recover partition on external hard drive:

    Step 1: Innstall the external drive recovery application on your system and connect your WD hard disk to it. After launcing it, select "Recover Drives" option from main window, as shown in fig A.

    WD My Book Partition Recovery - Main Window

    Fig A: Main Window

    Step 2: Here, select your external hard disk and click on "Next". Then, a list of lost or deleted partitions will be displayed, select appropriate drive and click on "Next".

    WD My Book Partition Recovery - Select Appropriate Partition

    Fig B: Select Appropriate Partition

    Step 3: After completion of recovery process, all recovered data will be shown in "File Type View" or "Data View".

    WD My Book Partition Recovery - Recovered Data

    Fig C: Recovered Data

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