Recover Windows 10 Hard Disk Partition

  • “Hi everyone, recently I upgraded my old Windows operating system to a latest one i.e., Windows 10 in my desktop PC. Yesterday evening, while trying to repartition my desktop hard drive with the help of some third party tool, I messed up with a process that ended up in missing of one partition. That deleted partition contained lots of files including my project files and I don't want to lose them at any cost. Since then, I did not performed any task on my system thinking that there could be some source for recovering missing partition. Can anyone suggest me how to recover Windows 10 hard disk partition? Please help me!!!”

    Windows 10 is the brand new operating system that has been developed and released by Microsoft. It has attractive features in its account, few important one's include advanced touch screen user interface, improved performance, improved security enhancements, and many more. However creating, managing, deleting, and merging partitions on Windows 10 is made easy with the help of advanced disk management features. In Windows 10 it is very simple to resize the existing partitions with the help of extend volume options. But while performing resizing of partition, you may undergo a situation wherein your Windows 10 hard drive partition may get deleted or lost due to minor mistakes.

    Windows 10 hard drive partition may get deleted under below mentioned scenarios:

    Accidental selection of wrong partition instead of required partition while performing deletion or format process can cause deletion of important partition, due to which all your files saved in that particular partition will get erased. In such an instance, one can make use of this ready to use toolkit and easily recover deleted primary partition on Windows 8, 7, 10, XP, Windows Vista, etc.

    Usage of third party utilities for advanced partitioning options on Windows 10 may cause deletion of partition without any notification to users.

    Formatting a hard drive, defragmentation process, malicious virus infections, reformatting the existing partition, OS reinstallation, using multiple operating system on the same hard drive etc. can cause deletion of partition on Windows 10. One can follow the below mentioned link to know how to retrieve data from hard drive from formatted hard drive in an easy way

    During shrinking or extending the partition on Windows 10, if that hard drive partition does not have enough free space, then that partition may go missing or get deleted or may become inaccessible to users.

    When any partition on Windows 10 get deleted or lost, users may think that files stored in that partition cannot be rescued. But, luckily you can recover Windows 10 hard disk partition with the usage of My Partition Recovery software without any trouble. In fact this application supports partition recovery on Windows 10, Windows 8, Vista, 7, Windows 2000, XP, and many more. It is capable of recovering deleted ExFAT partition, NTFS, FAT16, and FAT32 partitions without any trouble.

    Features of this utility:

    By utilizing this utility, user can easily perform Windows 10 partition recovery and recovers almost all types of files including pictures, MP3 audio files, videos, PowerPoint files, games, documents, spreadsheets, PDF files, .apk files, and many more. This software has advanced scanning technology, that helps in retrieving Windows 10 partitions that are lost, deleted or corrupted with much more ease. This Windows 10 partition recovery software recovers data from SATA, PATA, SCSI, and IDE hard drive partitions. In addition, this tool supports data recovery from other portable devices like external hard drives, pen drives, SD cards, xD cards, SDXC cards, CF cards, MMC cards, FireWire drives, and so on. After recovering the erased partition successfully, it permits you to preview the recovered files in File Type View or Data View. This tool can also perform corrupted partition recovery from any storage drives including hard drive, pen drive, thumb drive, etc. with utmost ease.

    Simple steps to recover deleted partition on Windows 10:

    Step 1: Install the trial version of the software on your Windows 10 system and launch it. Select "Partition Recovery" option to recover deleted partition, as shown in Fig.1

    Windows 10 Partition Recovery - Main Window

    Fig 1: Main Window

    Step 2: Select the physical drive and click "Next". A list of deleted partitions will be displayed, select the appropriate partition and click "Next" to start scanning operation as shown in Fig.2

    Windows 10 Partition Recovery - Select Drive / Partition

    Fig 2: Select Drive / Partition

    Step 3: Once the scanning process is completed, the recovered partition data can be viewed using "File Type View" or "Data View" option, as shown in Fig.3

    Windows 10 Partition Recovery -  Data View / File Type View

    Fig 3: Data View / File Type View

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